The structure of NEYAI is made up of three groups:
1. The Steering Group
2. The Appraisal & Development Working Group
3. The Evaluation & Learning Expert Advisory Group

1. Members of the Steering Group:
· Mr. Noel Kelly (Chairperson), Manager, Preparing For Life, Northside Partnership, Dublin
· Ms. Noelle Spring (Vice-Chairperson), Development Director, Katherine Howard Foundation
· Ms. Elizabeth Canavan, Principal Officer, Department of Children and Youth Affairs
· Ms. Catherine Hynes, Principal Officer, Department of Education and Skills
· Mr. Denis Leamy, CEO, Pobal
· Ms. Mary Cunningham, Board Member, Pobal (Director, National Youth Council of Ireland)
· Prof. Brian Nolan, Mount Street Trust (Professor of Public Policy, UCD)
· Ms. Jane Forman, Programme Executive, Children & Youth, Atlantic Philanthropies
· Dr. Tony Crooks, Adjunct Professor of Applied Social Studies, NUMI
· Ms. Gretta Murphy, Coordinator, Kilkenny CCC
· Ms. Bernie McDonnell, Equality Programme Manager, Pobal
· Mr. Heino Schonfeld, Deputy Director, Centre for Effective Services
· Dr. Aisling Gillen, National Specialist Family Support, Office of the Assistant National Director Children & Families Social Services, HSE

2. Members of the Appraisal & Development Working Group:
· Mr Heino Schonfeld (Chairperson of A & DWG)
· Ms Siobhán O’Dowd, NEYAI Coordinator, Pobal
· Ms Anne Eustace, Consultant
· Ms Anne Gallagher, Consultant
· Ms Mary Daly, Consultant
· Mr Stephen Rourke, Consultant
· Ms Jenny Eades, NCIP, Pobal

3. Members of the Evaluation & Learning Expert Advisory Group:
· Dr Tony Crooks (Chairperson of E & LEAG)
· Prof Marjorie Smith, Thomas Coram Institute, University of London
· Ms Bernie McDonnell, Programme Manager, Equality Programmes, Pobal
· Ms Gail Birkbeck, Strategic Learning & Evaluation Executive, Atlantic Philanthropies
· Dr Heather Weiss, Harvard Family Research Project
· Prof Áine Hyland, University College Cork